ORDF Python Libraryv0.8.53.8be2011aa372

ORDF is a Python library built upon RDFLib for working with RDF Data. It has the following features:

  • Indexing: back-ends for 4store, rdflib, pairtree, xapian
  • Provenance: statement level with changesets, entity-level with OPMV
  • Rendering: Python Fresnel implementation
  • Inferencing: production rule (forward-chaining) using FuXi
  • Clustering: message queueing (rabbitmq) for distributing changes to indices on a cluster
  • JavaScript: display logic using the fresnel vocabulary

For more information on how to install and use ORDF see the Documentation particularly the Design Considerations sections.

This website is made with ontosrv a very simple pylons application that uses ORDF. It is intended to make RDF documents available on the web with content-autonegotiation, uses server-side Fresnel for rendering and provides a SPARQL endpoint. An example document is the ORDF ontology at http://purl.org/NET/ordf/.

See the Bibliographica website for another example pilot site using ORDF.